Have your say on a sustainable, liveable Sunshine Coast
  • Wednesday 31 May 2017

Creating tight-knit communities through urbanisation, using living infrastructure to protect privacy and harnessing opportunities for water and food production are just some of the ideas Sunshine Coast Council’s youth committee identified during a discussion about council’s draft Environment and Liveability strategy.

With only six days left to have a say on the draft strategy, Mayor Mark Jamieson urged the community to share their thoughts on the vision and policies designed to protect and enhance both the environment and liveability of the Sunshine Coast[

“The draft strategy identifies the key challenges and opportunities and sets a course for strong collective action,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“It’s clear from our discussions with the youth committee, for example, that there is a desire for us to continue to support economic growth and develop job prospects for young people, but they also expect us to drive that growth in a way that integrates green spaces into our urban areas and protects and enhances our diverse natural environment.

“It’s exciting to hear from young people as they analyse this strategy and provide their own insights into some of the challenges and opportunities we will collectively face, and offer ideas on how we can address them as we shape the future of the region.”

Mayor Jamieson said since the draft strategy’s release to the public on April 27, council had consulted widely.

“Over the past weeks our staff have spoken with hundreds of residents across the Coast, and taken the opportunity to brief state and federal representatives, and members of key industry and community groups on the proposed strategic directions and initiatives,” Mayor Jamieson said

“We are encouraging everyone to send us their comments and ideas, either through a formal submission, or simply by responding to the online survey located on council’s website.”

Mayor Jamieson said the draft strategy, which looked forward 25 years, positioned the Sunshine Coast as a region continuing to preserve and enhance its outstanding natural assets and valued lifestyle.

“It demonstrates council’s commitment to integrated management of our natural and built environments for the benefit of our environment, our economy and our lifestyle for generations to come,” he said.

“The draft strategy sets a range of council benchmarks to ensure the organisation remains a strong role model through sound choices and strong policy decisions.

“The draft strategy acknowledges the great community work already being done to protect the environment and encourages greater community involvement and contribution over the years ahead.”

The draft Environment and Liveability Strategy is available on council’s website and the comment period ends on Sunday June 4.