Have your say on Coast’s recreation trails
  • Thursday 27 October 2011

Sunshine Coast Council today endorsed a draft Recreation Trail Plan which will ensure a variety of trails are available for residents and visitors to safely enjoy the Sunshine Coast landscape on mountain bike, horse back and by walking. The draft plan will be available for public consultation in the period leading up to Christmas.

Major Projects Portfolio Councillor Cr Debbie Blumel who chaired the Recreation Trail Reference Group said that the plan aimed to implement aspects of the Open Space Strategy and Sport and Active Recreation Plan.

"This is about building the trails that the community told us they valued. It’s about getting things done," Cr Blumel said.

"The Reference Group has done an extraordinary amount of work to prepare the plan for the community to have the final say.

"I trust that the community will find that the Reference Group has been diligent and delivered on a trail network plan that the community will value and appreciate.

"The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its network of nationally and regionally significant trails such as the Great Walk in the hinterland, the Coastal Pathway, the Noosa Trail and the mountain bike trail at Parklands.

"The community has told us, through consultation for the development of all of our policies, strategies and plans, how much they value the Sunshine Coast’s character and identity.

"This draft plan includes recreation trail planning to provide for walking, mountain bike riding and horse riding in different trail settings.

"It promotes a consolidated approach to trails planning, delivery and promotion. It will improve the existing network through linkages and upgrades and provide an equitable distribution of local trails across the region.

A wide variety of consultation has already been undertaken in developing the Draft Recreation Trail Plan 2011. This included 13 community workshops and guidance by the Recreation Trail Reference group.

"Now, it is time to hear from the community and I welcome their views about this draft plan," Cr Blumel said.

The draft Master Plan and Feedback Form will be available on council’s website from Monday 7 November until the 5 December 2011.