Ground truthing Palmview
  • Thursday 25 June 2009

Technical specialists carrying out field work at Palmview to check if mapping agrees with the ground have confirmed the areas to be protected, buffered or rehabilitated as part of the overall environmental management plan for Palmview.

The fieldwork, known as ground truthing, forms part of the community and stakeholder feedback incorporated into the revised Palmview Position Paper (PPP), council’s blueprint for the future Palmview development.

The PPP requires no development in areas of environmental significance or in areas subject to natural hazards and climate change impacts, and promotes ecological sustainability for the Sunshine Coast in line with council’s vision.

Environment portfolio holder, Keryn Jones said that the removal of areas with existing development approvals meant that the Palmview Structure Plan area was reduced from 971 to 954 hectares.

“This, along with ground truthing of ecological values meant that the area earmarked for protection and rehabilitation was revised down from 650 to 615 hectares,” Cr Jones said.

“Whilst the 650 hectare target was based upon work done under the Caloundra City Local Growth Management Strategy, the revised target is based upon a more detailed, scientific analysis of the site undertaken during current planning.”

Cr Jones said this information, along with detailed infrastructure requirements was the basis for revising down population estimates from 17,000 in 8,000 dwellings to approximately 14,000 in 6,285 dwellings.

“Almost 65% of the Palmview greenfield site has been earmarked for ecological protection or rehabilitation so council has been careful to set sustainable population and housing targets in line with Palmview’s carrying capacity,” Cr Jones said.

Other ecologically sustainable features slated for Palmview in the PPP are an integrated water cycle management system which aims to reduce water demand by 80%, energy efficient building design and a target of zero net carbon emissions by 2020.

The Palmview Position Paper is a strategic planning document informing the drafting of planning scheme amendments including the Palmview Structure Plan and related infrastructure planning documents and funding arrangements for the Palmview Structure Plan Area.

Once completed, the draft planning scheme amendments will be forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning for consideration. Subject to the State’s approval, the planning scheme amendments will then be placed on public display.

To view the revised Palmview Position Paper (June 2009) visit council’s website.