Get snapping—competition deadline extended
  • Friday 10 September 2010

Images of gorgeous sunsets, smiling faces, magnificent trees and words that capture a dream - they are all part of Sunshine Coast Council’s Zooming into 2030 - a competition which calls on residents to commit their vision to paper in a bid to nail the $1000 mayoral prize.

But council wants more.

To try to get as many residents as possible to share their vision for 2030, the deadline for Zooming into 2030 has been extended to 24 September.

That’s less than three weeks away! To enter, residents need to complete the caption, “In 2030 I hope…” and either take a photo or create an image that represents that vision.

The photographs and visions will be used to help shape the Community Plan, a document that will inform council’s decision making for the next 20 years.

Council’s project organiser, Alan Rogers said Zooming into 2030 is a great opportunity for the community to share their vision for the Coast in a very creative way.

“Not everyone wants to come to a conference or have their say online, so this competition offers a unique way for the community to express their vision using images and captions,” Mr Rogers said.

“We’ve received some great entries so far—and from what we’ve received, we know Coast residents are keen to see our environment protected into the future.

“The images and captions will be used to illustrate the Community Plan, so I’m hoping we’ll get a mixed bag of visions.

“For example, it would be great to receive entries that demonstrate what the community would like in terms of the economy, transport, sustainability, sport, services and the community.”

To enter Zooming into 2030, entrants must submit an image, a caption and an entry form. Details are available on council’s website or by calling council’s customer service centre on 5475 7272.