Become a part of the world-wide treasure hunt
  • Tuesday 23 February 2016
GeocachingGeocaching is an any day, any time adventure that can take you to amazing and beautiful places, including a Sunshine Coast Council library.

The real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game uses GPS coordinates for treasure hunters to navigate, using GPS devices such as a smartphone and an app, to find the geocache (container or treasure chest) hidden at that location.

And our local libraries have joined the hunt.

Director of Community Services Coralie Nichols said there were more than two million geocaches hidden around the world and thanks to a local geocaching expert one of council’s library branches has its own cache and related clues.

“We believe this is the first cache to be hidden inside a library in Queensland, although we are not completely certain, as the whole point of geocaching is to keep cache locations a secret,” she said.

“Most caches are hidden in the great outdoors but the library cache is a rare indoors one. The GPS functionality of the cache search stops working once you move inside.

“The first leg of the library geocaching journey brings geocachers only as far as the front garden of the library where a clue has been hidden. This clue then leads them inside the library to the next clue.

“The clues eventually lead searchers to a ‘treasure chest’ which, without giving too much away, I’ll describe as a beautiful, handmade cache.”

To start finding geocaches all you need is a smartphone and the free geocaching app which accesses the phone’s inbuilt GPS.

The way it works is simple. You search for caches at your location (or anywhere else) and the app will map all the caches hidden nearby.

Your phone will then lead you to the location of the cache.

After you find the cache, sign the logbook, trade knick knacks if you want and log your find online.

When you are done, just put the geocache back where you found it and you can move onto the next one.

Become a part of the world-wide treasure hunt by visiting