From open space to transport – have a say in your future
  • Friday 08 October 2010

The Sunshine Coast community’s next opportunity to help shape the future of the region is here, with eight direction setting documents on topics ranging from transport to open space now available for public comment during the next phase of Our Place Our Future.

Council’s vision is for the Sunshine Coast to become Australia’s most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse—and council is progressively releasing a series of strategies, plans, discussion papers and background studies to work towards this.

Statutory and Regional Planning Portfolio councillor Russell Green said the Our Place Our Future campaign is about council partnering with the community to plan for the future of the Sunshine Coast region.

“Late last year, the Coast community had their say on a series of discussion papers and strategies that will help shape the future of the Sunshine Coast by informing the new planning scheme and a whole range of other strategic policy documents,” Cr Green said.

“One year on, council has used the feedback to bring these and other document one step closer to fruition.

“But before we are able to do this, we are going back to the community. This is really your opportunity to confirm council’s strategic direction on a range of important subjects—from sport, open space, energy transition, transport and more.”

Cr Green said that these documents will provide a solid foundation for the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.

“Each document not only plays an important role in guiding council’s operations, it will also inform the new planning scheme, ensuring the scheme incorporates the community’s feedback up to this point,” Cr Green said.

“Once the consultation program finishes, the strategies will be finalised based on your feedback before going to council for final adoption.

“From Monday 11 October, staff will be visiting libraries across the Coast to provide more information and answer any questions you may have about the information on display during the community engagement period.

“I encourage everyone to take the time to put their thoughts and ideas into a submission so that your opinion can be considered as we finalise these important documents.”

Submission close at 4pm on Monday 8 November, so get in now and have your say on the following draft strategies and plans:

  • Sustainable Transport—works towards delivering efficient, integrated transport networks to reduce the Coast’s reliance on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Waterways and Coastal Management—provides a framework for managing the region’s natural waterways (rivers, creeks, wetlands, lakes), constructed water bodies (artificial channels and lakes) and coastal foreshores (beaches, dunes, river mouths).
  • Energy Transition—part of council’s plan to reduce the Sunshine Coast’s need for carbon intensive electricity and oil based fuels to help create a future resilient to climate change.
  • Open Space—ensuring the community’s need for recreation parks, sports grounds, recreation trails are planned for into the future.
  • Social Infrastructure—ensuring the council owned and managed community, cultural and learning facilities( such as halls, libraries, museums and cemeteries) meet the needs of future generations.
  • Sport and Active Recreation—guides the current and future provision of sport and active recreation facilities and services (i.e. playing grounds for football, cricket, equestrian, tennis) to meet the needs of the Sunshine Coast’s diverse communities over the next 15 years.
  • Aquatic—a strategy to guide the planning, development and management of the aquatics facilities across the Coast for the next 15 years.

Static displays of the strategies will be at all council libraries and customer service centres throughout the Our Place Our Future community engagement period.

For staffed display dates and venues, copies of the documents and more information, visit council’s or call 5475 7272.