From Belfast to Cooroy
  • Saturday 01 August 2009

REGENERATE, an exhibition by Cooroy based artist RobRoy McKeown of digital photo paintings that show a different side to the tragedy of bushfires, will open at the Butter Factory Arts Centre at 6pm Friday 14 August.

Inspired by the aftermath of bushfires, the series depicts the amazing transformation of the bush regenerating after fire as well as marking the regeneration of RobRoy’s art career.

“Bushfires have caused so much grief and devastation in recent times. Hopefully this exhibition reflects the natural beauty that can occur after a fire. The new life and energy bursting from the bush as it regenerates,” RobRoy said.

RobRoy went to arts school in the UK and started taking photos 20 years ago in Belfast. He has always worked around the boundaries between sculpture and photography and this series explores the line between photography and painting.

Since emigrating to Australia 14 years ago Rob has concentrated on teaching young people arts, photography and outdoor education, and how best to exhibit their art work. REGENERATE is his first exhibition in Australia and has been made possible through a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The exhibition runs until 30 August and the Butter Factory Arts Centre is open 10am-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday on Maple Road, Cooroy.