Free bush tucker trees for residents
  • Wednesday 14 April 2010

Division One Councillor Anna Grosskreutz will give away free trees that are not only perfect for the Coast’s climate, but can be served at the dinner table.

All residents are eligible for free bush tucker trees or regular natives at the next Free Tree Day planned for Saturday 1 May. Locations and times are:

8am-10am Uniting Park, Glass House
11am-1pm Peachester (between the hall and school)
3pm-4.30pm Central Park, Bellvista (near sales office)

Residents need only bring a rates notice along to receive their free trees. In addition, Cr Grosskreutz and council nursery staff will be on hand to help with gardening advice and cooking tips. Residents can take home free bush tucker recipes and whet their appetite by sampling a bush tucker tasting platter with some mouth-watering creations including:

• Wattle seed damper
• Bush tomato dip
• Lemon myrtle cheesecake
• Lemon myrtle jam
• Lillypilly jam
• Edible seeds

Sunshine Coast Council Nursery Co-ordinator Cherryl Bethel said bush tucker trees were not only perfect for our climate, but delicious too.

“Bush tucker is very high in nutritional value and the plants do not need a lot of water, unlike introduced plants,” she said.

“They do not require much attention or fertiliser – the plants will flourish naturally as they are native to the area.”

Cr Grosskreutz said bush tucker trees fitted well with council’s plans to make the Sunshine Coast Australia’s most sustainable region.

“I encourage all Division One residents to take up this offer and try bush tucker trees for both their sustainable and nutritional value,” she said.

Cr Grosskreutz said residents could bring old rates notices that haven’t been stamped before as well as current notices.