Four years of significant achievements
  • Wednesday 04 April 2012

Mayor Bob Abbot has strongly supported a report at council today which outlined the significant achievements of the organisation in its first term.

“I echo the sentiments of the report and the snapshot of the major accomplishments it includes; solid foundations have been laid for the future of this region,” Cr Abbot said.

“There have been many challenges; less than 12 months into the first term we were hit by the Global Financial Crisis.

“It’s important to view council’s achievements through that prism, as the effects of that economic crisis are still with us – and are likely to remain far into the next council’s term.

“We invested heavily in the region’s economy when it mattered, particularly through our capital works program, with a spend of more than $100 million annually.

“This council delivered business programs to help those already here and to attract new ones to the region, under the Delivering a Natural Advantage to Business program.

“A lot of hard work was put into making the processing of development applications more efficient and just as effective – last year more than 97% were approved.

“While council dealt with the day to day delivery of quality services it also built a solid base for future generations, with a suite of strategies to deliver a sustainable future.

“This was about strengthening the regional economy, protecting the environment, and preserving our unique communities.

“Council’s most recent financial position was described in Queensland Treasury language as ‘strong with a neutral outlook’ – which is the highest possible rating in Queensland.

“In June of 2010, the Australian Conservation Foundation ranked us the second-most sustainable region in the nation – that is, the most liveable in 21st century terms.

“This council continues to support and work with educational establishments to develop the skills of this region to meet future demands.”

“We’ve also worked hard to tackle the immediate problems posed by emergencies. Our disaster management team has met every challenge with professionalism and proficiency.

“The report to council lists some of our achievements, but it is by no means exhaustive, and I’d encourage you to go to council’s website to view all our strategies and plans.

“I would like to thank all councillors for their work in their divisions, and also acknowledge their efforts in their portfolios. Their hard work has been central to this council’s success.

“I hope that this region continues to strive to remain vibrant, green and diverse.”