Flood risk to your property
  • Monday 19 September 2016

Did you know, Sunshine Coast Council can help you find information about the flood risk to your property?

Council offers a range of options for the community to learn more about the risk of flooding in their neighbourhoods and across the region by providing tools like Disaster Hub and MyMaps. These two free public flood mapping tools assist the community with flood preparedness. Disaster Hub provides flood mapping information, while MyMaps provides a map of the flood hazard area and can check whether a property is in an area that could be affected by a flood event. Utilising these tools means property owners can make well informed decisions about being flood prepared on their property. An understanding of the flooding proneness of a property can assist homeowners with planning when making renovations or for being prepared for isolation due to flooding. Additional flood risk information is available on Council’s website and Disaster Hub, where you can just click on the flood maps to see flooding associated with local rivers, creeks and storm tides and also view current warnings, road closures and open evacuation centres.