Flick the switch during Earth Hour 2010
  • Thursday 18 March 2010

Sunshine Coast residents are invited to join millions of others around the globe and flick the switch between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm during Earth Hour on Saturday 27 March.

Council will participate in Earth Hour again this year by turning off non-essential lighting across a number of its buildings and invites the Coast community to join in at home and at work.

Environment portfolio holder councillor Keryn Jones said that by joining together for Earth Hour the community can show how lots of little actions can add up to one big statement on climate change.

“The simple act of turning lights off sends a powerful message that if individuals take small steps, collectively we can make a huge difference in reducing our carbon footprint,” Cr Jones said.

“I invite everyone to get involved at work by following council’s lead and turning off non-essential lighting and other electronic appliances.

“And bring your family or friends in on the mission at home by doing the same there—you could host a friendly candle-lit get together or make an Earth Hour lantern.

“But the energy saving doesn’t have to stop there. While turning off lights during Earth Hour is a great first step, the idea is to make a commitment beyond the hour.

“By joining council’s LivingSmart or EcoBiz program you can make simple changes in the home and business to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly all year long.

“These small actions will help to create a sustainable future, resilient to climate change.”

Visit http://www.earthhour.org for more information, including details on how to make an Earth Hour lantern.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when more than 2 million people turned off their lights. Since then participants have grown progressively around the world. In 2009 numbers swelled to hundreds of millions as 4189 cities, in 88 countries.