Five year action plan approved to protect Coast’s biodiversity
  • Wednesday 06 October 2010

Sunshine Coast Council today endorsed the Biodiversity Strategy Implementation Plan 2010–2015—a five-year innovative program detailing the steps council will take to protect the region’s unique environment for the future.

The implementation plan details the projects and actions to be implemented over the next five-years in order to achieve the objectives of the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2020, which was adopted in April this year.

Cr Keryn Jones said that the five year plan sets out exactly how council is going to protect the region’s Biodiversity.

"In April this year, council adopted the Biodiversity Strategy, which sets out the higher level direction we need to take to protect the Coast’s environment," Cr Jones said.

"The implementation plan gets down to the specific details of how we are actually going to do that—the how, what, when and rough costings—demonstrating that the strategy will not gather dust but will be actioned.

"The range of projects and actions are varied but really rely on the community coming onboard with council to achieve the goals.

"The plan focuses on the next five years, and will get reviewed annually, but obviously our efforts will continue on past that time.

"Many of the projects are well underway and have already met major milestones and deliverables while others have started crucial planning and scoping stages set for commencement and delivery over the out-years of the implementation plan."

Significant milestones which have already been achieved include:

  • land acquisitions to expand Coast protected areas and preserve high value conservation properties
  • community partnerships, grants and incentives programs for conservation on private lands of almost 1000 registered Land for Wildlife properties
  • development of an urban biodiversity program to compliment the popular and successful Living Smart program
  • the draft Sunshine Coast local area pest management plan to enlist government and community support to tackle pest animal and plant infestations
  • develop a Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Report Card that will provide council with a framework and vehicle to report and communicate to the wider community about the regions biodiversity health over time
  • detailed habitat mapping which is vital to aid forward planning and operation of biodiversity programs, as well as inform the new planning scheme
  • riparian restoration projects including Maroochy River and Coolum Creek fish habitats rehabilitation project and the Mooloolah River corridors rehabilitation and revegetation works.

    The projects will be funded from the Environment levy, general revenue and federal and state government grants.

    The decision to endorse the five-year implementation plan was made at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 6 October 2010.