First blokes’ shed for Woombye and surrounds
  • Wednesday 13 July 2011

The first formative meeting of the Sunshine Valley Men’s Shed will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 13 July) at 10am at the Anglican Church in Woombye.

Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay will happily accept an honorary and temporary ‘bloke status’ to attend the special first meeting and said the invitation was an honour.

"While I might stick out like a sore thumb as a token female and certainly don’t want to make any of the men uncomfortable with my presence, I am looking forward to going along to show my support for this great men’s group initiative," she said.

Cr McKay said Men’s Sheds were sweeping the country, growing in size and scope.

"Every shed does something different and I am sure the Sunshine Valley Men’s Shed will bring its own unique qualities into the mix," she said.

"Men’s Shed is about reconnecting men and providing a real mateship environment, because they can lose a lot of their social life when they get caught up in work or retirement or life in general.

"Council has always been very supportive of these groups which provide an opportunity for men to kick back in a safe environment and get stuck into important men’s business.

"Blokes of all ages, interests and conditions are welcome to attend the meeting tomorrow."