Exciting opportunities for Noosa Biosphere Reserve
  • Monday 28 April 2008

It’s all systems go for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Governance Model following last week’s endorsement by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The former Noosa Shire was listed as a Biosphere Reserve in September last year by UNESCO under its Man and the Biosphere Program.

The announcement was a coup for Noosa, and now the new Sunshine Coast Region, and also for Queensland as Noosa became the first area in the State to receive the biosphere status.

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor, Bob Abbot, said the awarding of the status is presented only to areas that demonstrate innovative approaches to conservation and sustainable development.

“Biosphere reserves go beyond confined protected areas. They include areas where sustainable economic development is fostered via partnerships with local people,” Bob said.

“The appointment of a governance board is not only UNESCO recognised but also based on the highly successful community sector board program Noosa has had in place for some years.

“The boards will provide a framework to further develop community partnerships and projects that deliver on sustainable outcomes sought by this UNESCO program.”

The Biosphere Reserve Governance Board will be made up of 11 directors and include two councillors (Lew Brennan and Russell Green), a representative from each of the five current sector boards and a sixth new board, yet to be established, to cover Education, Research and Development.

There are a further three positions that will be selected from the community, following a call for nominations in coming weeks, one of whom will be the elected independent Chair.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our community. The work has now begun for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve area to serve as a pilot site and learning place to showcase real-life approaches to conservation and sustainable development,” Bob said.