Every hour is Earth Hour at council
  • Wednesday 28 March 2012

Sunshine Coast Council is once again switching off for Earth Hour, 31 March – one of the many actions it’s taking to make council buildings and facilities more energy efficient.

Efficient air-conditioning, low-voltage lighting and solar panels have been installed in council buildings and staff are being encouraged to ‘switch-off’ at the end of each day.

Council is also helping local businesses and the community to reduce their energy and save money by supporting programs such as ecoBiz and Living Smart program.

Sustainability and Innovation Officer, Elizabeth Stubbs said the Energy Transition Plan was guiding the way for council to reduce its reliance on energy.

"This plan helps us action the principles of Earth Hour on a daily basis," Ms. Stubbs said.

"Since 2011, council buildings such as the Caloundra Library and the Noosa Aquatic Centre have reduced their energy consumption by more than 15%.

"We installed an efficient air-conditioner in the library and skylights, movement activated lighting, solar pool water heating and variable speed pool pumps in the aquatic centre.

"Small actions make a big difference so I encourage everyone to take responsibility for your home or workplace this Earth Hour and every other hour."

Earth Hour is an annual event symbolic of the world-wide need to reduce energy consumption.

Everyone is encouraged to join in by switching-off non-essential lighting for one hour on March 31.

Council staff and cleaners at council offices, depots and libraries will be tasked with switching off all office lights prior to leaving work on March 31.

Safety lights and street lights will remain on during the event.

For more information about Earth Hour visit www.earthhour.org. To get involved in council’s ecoBiz or Livingsmart program, go to www.derm.qld.gov.au/ecobiz or www.livingsmartqld.com.au.