Events + driving local businesses further
  • Friday 01 May 2015

Dozens of Sunshine Coast companies made the most of their opportunity to capitalise on major events held in our region by flocking to council’s Events+ MasterClasses earlier this year.

Suncoast Cabs and the Pickup Company were among the local attendees and for both, business has literally been motoring ever since.

General Manager of Suncoast Cabs John Lobwein said the MasterClasses had provided a timely rev-up.

“We have since mapped out twelve key actions that we believe will enable Suncoast Cabs to better leverage off the major events that come to the Sunshine Coast,” he said.

“Some of these actions include more regular and relevant marketing and social media campaigns and developing stronger working relations with Sunshine Coast University to enable us to tap into these lucrative opportunities.”

Owner of The Pickup Company Tony Huizing said the MasterClasses had helped to secure business opportunities with one of the most popular sports on the Sunshine Coast.

“We are a local business that provides shuttle services to and from Brisbane and Sunshine Coast airports and we have generated a great opportunity with outrigging to provide transport for competitors and officials during a number of upcoming events being held locally,” he said.       

“The Events+ MasterClasses definitely provided the impetus for us to explore these opportunities that exist around major events on the Sunshine Coast.

“I really encourage any local business that hasn’t attended one of these MasterClasses to do so.”

Peregian Springs Golf Club Events and Marketing Manager Angela Mosedale said the MasterClasses were an invaluable experience.

“Events+ has provided some extremely useful information to help us capitalise on significant local golf events like the Holden Scramble,” she said.

“In addition to this, the MasterClass also enabled us to form a working relationship with Queensland Oz Tag and formulate some cross-promotional opportunities in the future.”

An initiative of Sunshine Coast Council and the Sunshine Coast Events Board, events+ aims to provide local businesses with the tools to leverage major and regional events.

The Sunshine Coast plays host to around 30 major and regional events each year that generate $50million towards the region’s economy. In addition, event promoters and organisers spend approximately $2.5 million each year with local businesses which boosts the Sunshine Coast economy.


To find out more about joining the events+ campaign contact dtb Advertising on 5458 5600 or email