Enviro Levy land purchase in time for International Day of Biodiversity
  • Saturday 15 May 2010

Sunshine Coast Council has purchased another 32.8 hectares of land at Cooroibah to help protect the region’s biodiversity for future generations, just in time for the International Day of Biodiversity on Saturday 22 May.

This purchase of environmentally significant land was only made possible through funds from the Environment Levy.

Environmental Portfolio councillor Keryn Jones said the International Day of Biodiversity highlights the important life giving role healthy functioning ecosystems play for us all, something council recognises every day.

“The Sunshine Coast is one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia,” Cr Jones said.

“And to help keep it that way, council has used funds from the Environment Levy to buy more than 3200 hectares of environmentally significant land across the region for the exact purpose of preserving the environment and providing a safe place for the plants and animals to grow and live.

“This latest land purchase is a vital missing piece of the puzzle as it’s in the middle of two other protected properties, which make up the Cooroibah Conservation Park.

“Council and the state government purchased the land for the conservation park a few years ago due to its high biodiversity value—and this new property shares those values.

“The land has endangered vegetation communities growing in its forest and will also help to keep our waterways clean by providing an important buffer to Pateys Creek and Lake Cooroibah.

“Buying environmentally significant land is just one of the actions identified in the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy that council is implementing to protect our region’s unique environment into the future—and there are many ways the community can get involved as well.

“Either by joining council’s LivingSmart or ecoBiz programs, becoming a Land for Wildlife property or entering into a Voluntary Conservation Agreement.

“I encourage everyone to take a moment on 22 May to think of steps they can take to help ensure our beautiful environment is around in years to come.”

Visit Council Website for more information on the Environment Levy and Biodiversity website for information on the International Day of Biodiversity.