Cleantech industries charged and ready for the Sunshine Coast and beyond
  • Monday 14 November 2016

Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre start-up graduate Enopte today launched its new smart renewable battery system to compete on the world stage.

The floor stackable power block lithium battery system plugs into the existing power supply to monitor and store enough energy to essentially take the property off the grid.

Economic Development Portfolio Cr Stephen Robinson who took part in today’s launch, said he had taken great interest in the growth of the Coolum-based company over the past seven years.

Enopte is part of the region’s growing Clean Technologies sector, one of the seven high-value industries identified in the Regional Economic Development Strategy as offering best opportunities for future growth.

“Their new product was fully developed here on the Sunshine Coast from design concept to software creation,” Cr Robinson said.

“The system plugs into the existing power supply in homes or businesses to provide more options for everyone to reduce their energy usage without even thinking about it.

“The smart battery is intuitive and does the thinking for you. It detects all appliances drawing current, decides if it’s essential and if not can slow down or turn off the appliance.

“That means you’re saving energy, and money, and you won’t even notice.”

Enopte CEO Mark Leckenby, said the Sunshine Coast had given his company a fantastic base to develop their clean-tech business.

“From the time we started up at the Innovation Centre to our migration to the Coolum Beach industrial zone, the support we’ve had from local industry and council has been terrific,” Mr Leckenby said.

“Renewables is the buzz word but the reality is that we all have to be smarter about how and when we use and store the energy we need.

“We looked at what was around and knew we could make it better and we’re proud that Sunshine Coast minds made it happen.

“If you want to move away from ongoing price increases from energy suppliers, optimise your energy usage and have a renewable system reducing greenhouse gases you can get on board now knowing it is all local.”

Cr Robinson said that having a company the calibre of Enopte in the region was a positive sign that our Smart Cities attitude was alive and well.

“This is another example of a great Sunshine Coast business competing against the world’s best through innovation, talent and entrepreneurship,” Cr Robinson said.

“We’re open for business and taking on the world one business and household at a time.”


The Sunshine Coast is a great home for innovative (smart) businesses and council’s strategies in knowledge and professional services and Cleantech industries are available to support these businesses and grow jobs on the Sunshine Coast.

Clean Technologies industry

The Clean Technologies industry and Investment Action Plan is one of the seven high value industries identified in the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 which is the regional economic blueprint with four clear goals for the next 20 years:

  • a $33billion economy- nearly triple that of 2013
  • 100,000 new jobs in high value industries- such as health and well-being: education and research; professional services and knowledge industries; tourism, tourism sport and leisure; agribusiness; clean technologies and aviation and aerospace
  • 20% of goods and services produced for export
  • Household incomes to exceed the average household income level for Queensland.

Clean Technologies is an emerging and exciting new industry sector with emerging technologies at its forefront and it is estimated:

  • $214.4m (2014)
  • over 1770 people employed
  • the Clean technologies sector at present is characterised by a diverse range of smaller and medium sized businesses.
  • Caloundra is identified as having 43% solar installation penetration being one of the top 10 in Australia
  • Sunshine Coast will be the first council in Australia to build a solar farm at utility scale reducing Councils carbon footprint from electricity by up to 100%.

Enopte (Energy Optimisation Technologies) new smart renewable battery

Fast facts:

  • world class energy optimisation through Auzimax 2
  • Auzimax 2 is the brains managing the energy/peak load demands and connects into established solar powered system
  • Enopte’s smart battery system will provide storage and management of power to save you money
  • stackable configuration mounts to floor not walls
  • locally distributed by Lawrence and Hanson Electrical Wholesalers
  • the price point is comparable with Tesla and LG Chem, however the Enopte product has more advanced feature set for energy management fully integrated
  • the only battery system on the market with 24/7 reporting of internal cell information. Many lithium batteries are failing at present for various reasons so this is an important feature we believe.