Energex and Sunshine Coast Council call for suburban storm troops to get set for summer
  • Monday 08 August 2011

ENERGEX and Sunshine Coast Council have joined forces in preparation for summer to encourage residents to get their home, family and neighbourhood ready for severe weather events.

Residents and community groups are encouraged to join the ‘Suburban Storm Troops’ campaign, and participate in a South East Queensland wide clean-up on September 17 and 18.

Participants will be in the running to win major prizes, including live crosses from their clean-up day with Channel 9’s Today Show and a community BBQ breakfast, 5 x trailers packed with gardening equipment worth $5,000 each, and 20 x storm kits worth $130 each.

ENERGEX’s Mike Swanston said the Suburban Storm Troops clean-up campaign was a great opportunity for neighbours to show their community spirit and get set for the coming storm season.

“Every year severe weather events cause damage to property and the electricity network in South East Queensland,” Mr Swanston said.

“At ENERGEX we work year-round to make the electricity network as robust and weather-proof as possible, and now we’re asking for your help to minimise the risks associated with severe weather.

“To ensure you have best chance against severe weather events this summer it important to not only prepare your family, your home and your yard, but also get together with other residents in your street to prepare your neighbourhood.

“Time and time again we see fallen tree branches and unsecured objects picked up by high winds causing damage to a property down the road, or causing power interruptions to a whole suburb – by working together we can help address this issue.”

Go to energex.com.au for more information or to register your participation in the Suburban Storm Troops clean-up campaign.