Draft Youth Strategy charts bright future for young people
  • Thursday 26 August 2010

Sunshine Coast Council today (25 August) signalled a brighter future for the region’s young people with the endorsement of its Draft Sunshine Coast Youth Strategy for consultation.

Council’s Community Engagement and Governance Portfolio holder Christian Dickson said the draft strategy was informed by one of the region’s biggest youth surveys, the Sunny Coast Youth Survey 2010.

The survey was conducted by young people through council’s Speak Up Engage Team. The consultation reached almost five per cent of the Coast’s youth population, with 2,307 survey responses received.

The young people called for a brighter future where there was a sense of community, with respectful people in harmonious neighbourhoods. They also envisaged a region where they can travel with ease and safety, and where the environment was protected and population growth was managed appropriately.

“The draft strategy will deliver a partnership approach towards building a better future for young people on the Coast over the next five years and beyond,” Councillor Dickson said.

“Meaningful community engagement has been at the heart of council’s processes. Council’s endorsement today means a comprehensive community engagement program will ensure the wider community can now also have their say on the draft strategy.”

Councillor Jenny McKay, council’s Community Policy and Program Portfolio holder, said the draft strategy was developed to ensure that youth needs, issues and aspirations are embedded into existing and future planning, services and resources of council.

“This provides a vehicle for young people to voice their concerns and contribute to council decision making,” Cr McKay said.

“Young people are the key to the future. That is why it is imperative that council taps into their optimism, creativity, innovation and energy.”

The councillors agreed that encouraging partnerships with our young people promotes mutual respect while also providing opportunities for them to participate in civic life and contribute to this region.

All interested persons are invited to comment on the draft strategy. The community consultation period for the Draft Sunshine Coast Youth Strategy is from 1 September to 10 October. The strategy, along with the Sunny Coast Youth Survey Report are available on council’s website for viewing.

For further information, please contact council’s Community Planner on (07) 5441 8401.