Dob in a fox!
  • Friday 17 October 2008

Sunshine Coast residents, especially those in coastal areas, are being urged to report fox sightings in a bid to curb the potentially detrimental effects the pests have on the Coast’s precious marine turtles.

According to Division 3 Councillor and Environment Portfolio holder, Keryn Jones, fox predation is a major threat to the long-term survival of many small marsupial species, as well as nesting marine turtles.

“Foxes have been known to raid marine turtle nests on the beach, eating the eggs,” Cr Jones said.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that nest raiding is a learned behaviour, so fox control is important in preventing this behaviour being taught to new generations, and it can also lower predation pressure by reducing fox numbers,” she said.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council is asking residents to ‘dob in a fox’ as part of a program to monitor their movements and track local urban and coastal populations. The information provided by the community will help Council to apply a targeted and comprehensive effort toward controlling local fox populations.

Reports can be made through Council’s Customer Service number 1300 00 7272 (local calls) or (07) 5475 7272 (STD and mobile calls).

For further information about foxes, go to The Department of Primary Industies website or The Department of the Environment website.