Our community is our future in Division 5
  • Thursday 20 June 2019
Across Division 5, roads wind up and over hills, through valleys and along creeks and rivers connecting farmers, landowners, and small communities to town centres and the greater Sunshine Coast.
Sunshine Coast Council’s 2019/20 budget will deliver the sealing and upgrading of many of these council controlled roads, ensuring they are safe for the community.
Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay said having safe and sealed roads across towns within her division was a priority and would contribute to the vision for a healthy, smart, creative region.
“Part of building a strong community means having a connected community, and we can ensure this by improving access, amenity and safety for our road users,” said Cr McKay.
“There are several road upgrades planned for the division, including Winston Rd South and Citrus Rd in Palmwoods, McGilchrist Rd in Eudlo, Obi Lane in Maleny, Christensens Rd in Hunchy and Diamond Valley Rd, Mooloolah.
“While I’ll be three months short of seeing the proverbial ribbon cut on these projects with my retirement from council, I’m delighted that we got a few of these rural road upgrades into this budget.
“It is my hope that we’ve provided a sound platform so that future councils can continue to support the rural communities through road upgrades.”
Cr McKay said another Division 5 budget highlight was the continued upgrade of the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.
"We will also be renewing the much-loved track in this rainforest reserve, which is absolutely necessary as yearly visitation numbers increase substantially each year, last year reaching more than 105,000.
“It’s important for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to access this wonderful community and environmental asset.”
Sunshine Coast Council delivered its $848 million budget on June 20.
Division 5 highlights for the 2019/20 budget include:
• $655,000 towards an adventure play area at the Russell Family Park Playground in Montville
• $425,000 to upgrade Winston Road South in Palmwoods
• $250,000 to upgrade a section of McGilchrist Road, Eudlo to an appropriate sealed road standard
• $200,000 to upgrade Diamond Valley Road in Diamond Valley
• $200,000 to supply and install a pre-fabricated demountable facility for the Victory Park Netball Club House in Woombye
• $100,000 to the track renewal at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in Maleny
• $35,000 to widen Obi Lane in Maleny
• $27,352 to upgrade Citrus Road in Palmwoods
• $25,000 to upgrade Christensens Road in Hunchy