Dig in for dog registration discounts
  • Monday 10 August 2009

Dog owners won’t have to dig so deep this year to register their pets – with fees crashing to $10 a year for dogs that are microchipped and desexed.

Dog registration fees are due by 30 September 2009 and council has significantly dropped fees to reward pet owners who do the right thing.

And pensioners who desex and microchip their dogs will save even more – paying nothing over the coming year.

Council’s Response Service Manager Ron Thomas said dog owners wanting to renew their pet’s registration would be pleasantly surprised this year.

“Dog owners will receive a reminder in the mail this month that registration fees are due,” he said.

“Owners who have recently micro-chipped or desexed their dogs should advise council when they renew their registration to receive the discount.”

Mr Thomas said pensioners who are recorded in the system as having a desexed and micro-chipped dog would not receive a reminder in the mail – but could rest assured that their dogs were still registered at no cost for the coming year.

The purpose of registration and micro-chipping is to reunite lost or impounded dogs with their owners more easily, Mr Thomas said.

“We have had a number of cases at council pounds recently where dogs that were lost, or even stolen, were quickly returned to their rightful owners thanks to micro-chips,” he said.

Dog owners can arrange with their vets to microchip and desex their animals and only need to provide council with a certificate or micro-chip number to receive the discount.

Dog registration fees for 2009-10 are: Resident Pensioner
Desexed and microchipped dog $10 Nil
Desexed dog $22 $16
Non-desexed and non-microchipped dog $106 $88
Dangerous, menacing or restricted dog $400 $400