Do you want to build a retaining wall?
  • Monday 14 December 2015

Do you have retaining walls on your property, or are you planning to build some? If so, here are the rules you need to keep in mind.


Building permits are not required to construct a retaining wall that fulfils the following criteria:

  1. There is no ‘surcharge loading’ over the ‘zone of influence’ for the wall (Building Regulation 2006 – Schedule 1 Section 3)
  2. The total height of the wall, and fill or cut retained by the wall, is no more than 1 metre above the wall’s natural ground surface.
  3. The wall is no closer than 1.5 metres to a building or another retaining wall.


However, your retaining wall must still comply with all the relevant codes.


If your project does not meet all of these requirements, you must prepare a building application and have it approved by a building certifier. The certifier will need scaled and detailed plans prepared by a draftsperson or an architect, and a structural design certification by a registered professional engineer of Queensland.


Generally retaining walls, and the consequences of failed retaining walls, are the responsibility of the owner of the property they are contained within.


For more information about retaining walls contact 5475 PLAN.