Designs for new Alex skate park unveiled
  • Tuesday 11 October 2016

Major upgrades to the skate park at Alexandra Headland will include elements to suit skaters, BMX riders and scooter riders of all ability levels – with a split level advanced bowl, mini bowl and stair set among the key design features.

The final concept design was developed by Sunshine Coast Council and specialist skate park designers following two rounds of community consultation.

Division 4 Councillor John Connolly said council had incorporated feedback on the draft concept design into the final design.

“The final design offers a modern and innovative skate park that includes many features the community asked for,” Cr Connolly said.

“There are elements to suit skaters, BMX riders and scooter riders of all ability levels.

“A stage will also provide opportunities for events such as competitions, demonstrations and learn-to-skate workshops.

“Most of the feedback council received on the draft concept designs focused on a larger and deeper bowl, more transitions and features that allow the park to be used by more people at once.”

The first phase of community consultation invited ideas for the design and the second phase allowed comment on two draft concept designs.

Construction is expected to start in April-May 2017. The concept design can be viewed on the project webpage.

Key design features

  • A combination-style park with features for both street and transition users
  • Split level advanced bowl with a depth of 6ft – 8ft and an extension up to 9ft
  • 4ft mini bowl
  • 5ft quarter pipe and 3ft quarter bowl
  • Kicker to kicker with A-frame rail
  • A stage located under the existing Norfolk Island pine tree, plus seating and shade, offers opportunities for community events within the precinct.