Do you want to clear trees on your property?
  • Friday 04 December 2015

Did you know you might need permission to remove plants or a tree from your property? Before you clear any vegetation on private property, it is important to make sure all necessary permissions are in place.

If you want to remove protected trees and plants on private property, you must get approval from council before any clearing is done. It is an offence to clear protected vegetation on private property and penalties may apply.

To find out if the vegetation on your property is protected, check the Vegetation Management Code within the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.

To remove protected vegetation you must apply for approval to clear the plants or trees. To make an application, complete IDAS Form 1 and IDAS Form 6. These forms are available on the Queensland Government website and must be submitted to council.

You can also check the Queensland Government website to see if your vegetation is protected by State Government.

Council permits to remove protected vegetation may not be required if the removal is covered by another council permit currently relating to your property. Examples include permits for emergency works and certain operational works.

For further information contact 5475 PLAN.