Do you want to display permanent advertising?
  • Monday 11 January 2016

Do you want to display permanent advertising? 

Permanent advertising devices, such as structures and signs, are regulated by the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 and are classified as operational work. Most forms of advertising signage are self-assessable and do not require approval from council, provided they comply with criteria in the Advertising Devices Code.

Where compliance with the code cannot be achieved, a code assessable application is required. Some forms of signage also require code assessment from the outset such as signs above roofs, or large pylon signs.

Whether an application is required depends on the size and type of signage proposed. It is initially dictated by the planning scheme tables of assessment for operational work, and the acceptable outcomes of the advertising code (when initially identified as self-assessable).

Third party advertising devices are impact assessable and generally not supported by the planning scheme.

The assessment criteria are related to the zoning of the site. For example, larger signage is acceptable in commercial zones, but not in residential or rural zones.

Lawfully established home-based businesses are entitled to an advertising sign. The criteria for these are outlined in the Home Based Business Code.

Approval is not required to repaint an existing, lawfully established sign, provided the new wording is not third party advertising,

For more information contact 5475 PLAN.