Watch out Currimundi midges – council is coming for you!
  • Tuesday 23 August 2016

All stars are aligned for Sunshine Coast Council to undertake a midge flush-out of Currimundi Lake from tomorrow, August 24, 2016 for a six-week period.

Division 3 Cr Peter Cox said council had been monitoring midge larvae numbers in the lake, along with the lunar charts, to pinpoint the best time to combat excessive midge larval levels in the interest of community comfort.

“All indications are that this Wednesday is the right time to commence works in preparation for the lake entrance to be closed next Wednesday, August 31 as part of council’s Biting Midge Control Program,” Cr Cox said.

“The work is timed to flood the midge habitat and disrupt the breeding cycle as much as possible.

“The lake will remain at its high tide level for six weeks to drown larvae, ultimately reducing the amount of hatching adult midges by about 95% and keep their populations down for many months afterwards.

“Hopefully this action will make it a lot more pleasant for surrounding residents and the many people who enjoy Currimundi Lake as we head into spring.

“Lake goers can continue to use the lake as normal during the closure period.”

In partnership with Curimunidi Catchment Care Group, council will be monitoring bank stability within the catchment and water quality in the lake to ensure safe swimming conditions for all users.