Crummunda Park to receive a makeover
  • Monday 19 October 2015

One of Currimundi Lake’s most popular parks is about to undergo a number of improvements following consultation with the local community.

Covering 2.4 hectares, Crummunda Park forms part of the northern bank of the lake at Wurtulla, on the beach side of Nicklin Way, and is much loved by visitors for its relaxed, shady and natural look and feel.

Council has endorsed the Landscape Plan for Crummunda Park to reduce the risk of short-term, ad-hoc development and ensure future improvements align with council’s and the community’s long-term vision for the park.

Developed following community consultation earlier this year, the Landscape Plan will be delivered in stages and will include an upgrade of the Coastal Pathway to three metres wide to allow for safe pedestrian and cycle use, as well as a carpark extension.

The single barbecue facilities at the Mandara Drive and Bareki Street picnic areas will also be replaced with double barbecues so more people can enjoy the facilities.

New exercise equipment stations and a new beach access path should also be welcomed.

There will be improved access points for swimmers and non-motorised water craft users and the lake edge will be replanted to help with bank stabilisation.

The western internal carpark will be closed to improve safety near the playground.

Division 3 Councillor Peter Cox said Crummunda Park was one of the better kept secret places on the Coast to enjoy a picnic, to relax or do some exercise.

“Locals love its natural look and feel, its wide open spaces, its abundance of wildlife and its picnic facilities and those features are now protected with council adopting this plan,” Cr Cox said.

Council has allocated $100,000 to the project from its 2016/17 Capital Works Program with an additional $350,000 allocated in the upcoming four years.

FOOTNOTE: Crummunda Park is named after one of the variations to the Indigenous name for the area, Garamandha, or place of the flying fox.