Cr Law - Shopping precinct in Eumundi
  • Thursday 11 February 2021

Have your say on the future of waste

Did you know more than half of the rubbish in household garbage bins is organic waste such as food scraps and lawn clippings?

Council is seeking community feedback on a proposal to introduce an opt-in third bin for garden waste which could transition to a food organics and garden organics bin service, also known as a FOGO bin.

We want to hear from you before any decision is made. Feedback from the survey will help to inform Council discussion as we progress towards a circular economy approach to managing the region’s waste into the future. Please take the time to fill out the online survey at before 5pm, Tuesday 2 March 2021.

Shopping precinct in Eumundi

I’ve received a lot of questions about the possibility of a supermarket in Eumundi. If a business comes along and wants to open a supermarket in Eumundi, the planning scheme does allow it and Council could support it. The opportunities are there and it’s an exciting time for the area.

In March last year a development permit and preliminary approval for a material change of use were lodged and approved. So what does that mean?

The development permit relates to three lots fronting Memorial Drive and Cook Street, and involves the establishment of a small scale, boutique shopping centre within the existing buildings over three land parcels. Each building would be refurbished in their current locations to accommodate the proposed uses, which includes shops (eg. grocer, delicatessen), cafés/restaurants, professional services and health services. 

The preliminary approval applies to the old Butter Factory for a range of both residential and small scale, non-residential uses.  For example it may include short-term accommodation, small garden centre, offices, small shops, service industry, café/restaurant and permaculture gardens.

It will be great to watch this space over the coming years as the areas transform within the appropriate guidelines and reflect Eumundi’s distinct character.

Further information is available by visiting development.i online planning tool at