Cr Law - Nambour Connection Road pathway
  • Wednesday 20 January 2021

New beginnings

Happy New Year to everyone in our Division 10 community. Here’s hoping 2021 is a positive, safe and healthy year for you all.

I’m looking forward to once again meeting with residents, businesses and school groups to hear about your latest innovations but also any feedback you may have. Council is also rolling out some terrific programs to help with any New Year resolutions, including Healthy Sunshine Coast, The Lift Project and the Healthy Ageing forum. Visit council’s website for all the details.

Nambour Connection Road pathway

In great news for Division 10, construction is nearing completion of the new Nambour Connection Rd pathway. It runs from the Coles Express (Shell Panorama) to Magnolia Street, Nambour near the Hilton Terrace Apartments.

I’m pleased to also share council is taking the initiative to work with local street artists to produce an attractive and appropriate decoration of the concrete barrier. Street art will be applied to both sides of the barrier and will provide a stylish entry to Nambour.

The pathway is approximately 950m long and varies in width between 1.8m and 2.5m. There are three sections of cantilevered walkway required by the steep slopes at the side of the road. A combination of concrete barrier and guardrail will be in place to protect pedestrians using the pathway. In an added bonus, the pathway will have lighting along its entire length.

The project completes a missing pathway link and improves safety on the route between Nambour Christian College, the Nambour town centre and residential areas. It provides connectivity between residential populations from western suburbs of Nambour and the Nambour town centre, schools, sports facilities and employment precinct. 

Construction is scheduled to be completed 16 Feb 2021, weather permitting.