Cr Law - Community Transport Service
  • Wednesday 14 April 2021

Community Transport Service

I’ve had some terrific feedback lately regarding the Kenilworth Community Transport Service, which some of you may know provides services to residents of Belli Park, Cambroon, Conondale, Coolabine, Eerwah Vale, Gheerulla, Kenilworth, Kidaman Creek and Obi Obi.

February was one of their busiest months following the improvements to provide an expanded service. The Committee Chair, David Coles, has reported there’s been an increase in registered users, now more than 150, as well as an increase in the number of journeys provided.

David also reported the service was now seen as a fixture and something that makes the area a better place to live. They have eight volunteer drivers and would like to have a few more. It isn't an onerous commitment and can be an enjoyable way to get to know people in the wider community. To make a booking call or visit the Kenilworth Visitor Information Centre on 07 5446 0122 or at 9 Elizabeth Street, Kenilworth, and for more information please email

Kenilworth Memorial

Council recently pressure-cleaned the Kenilworth RSL Memorial, just in time for ANZAC Day. I have been invited to attend this service and pandemic-pending certainly hope to attend. I hope to see you all there too to honour our dedicated and honourable servicemen and women.

This Anzac Day we’re all encouraged to come together, in person and in spirit, to commemorate the men and women who have served our nation in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

I also wish to acknowledge the commemoration of 100 years of Royal Australian Air Force on 31 March 2021.

Heritage Places

Over the past few months, I have had a few enquiries about the Heritage Listings and Culturally Significant Places within the planning scheme. Here is a brief overview and if you need more detail than this please get in touch. From August to September 2019 there was a public consultation about the historic and cultural heritage inclusions for the Planning Scheme Amendment which commenced 24 August 2020. This amendment updated the heritage and character protections across the Sunshine Coast, including in Kenilworth.

State heritage places have cultural heritage significance for the people of Queensland as a whole and are identified and protected under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. A local example is the Kenilworth Homestead. Any new development proposals on these sites are subject to extensive assessment by the Queensland Government and Council to ensure that they are compatible with the conservation of identified heritage values.

Kenilworth also has a number of ‘local heritage places’. Examples include the Kenilworth Cheese Factory, Kenilworth Hotel and Kenilworth Masonic Hall. A local heritage place is a place identified by Council to have cultural heritage significance for the Sunshine Coast community, based on the framework set out by the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 and Planning Act 2016. The Heritage and Character Areas mapping identifies these places for protection from inappropriate development. New development proposals relating to a local heritage place require a planning application to be made to Council.

Some properties in Elizabeth Street are identified as being within a ‘character area’ in the planning scheme. A character area is an area in which the historical origins and relationships between the various elements create a sense of place and demonstrate important aspects of the history of the locality. This provision helps ensure that new development is consistent with the historic character of the area.

The character area provisions seek to protect identified ‘character buildings’ from demolition or removal. Character buildings within the Elizabeth Street area include the Kenilworth Bakery, Butcher Shop and the former CWA building.

Lastly there is a supporting heritage protection element that relates to Kenilworth – ‘Land in proximity to a local heritage place’ – which relates to specifically mapped sites where there is a possibility that new development may negatively impact on the values or context of the nearby local heritage place. This provision helps ensure that new development near local heritage places does not have a negative impact on the nearby local heritage place.