Cr Terry Landsberg Economy Portfolio - Supporting local businesses
  • Tuesday 02 June 2020
As a small business owner for more than 20 years on the Sunshine Coast I know all too well the challenges of business operations. Having had to manage through the Global Financial Crisis, I also can appreciate the financial and personal impacts on business and families during difficult times.

Of course, this year has been even more difficult. There has been unprecedented stress on us all due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and the impact has been significant for small businesses and sole traders. Our region and our community rely on small business and one in five of our workforce is self-employed, so when small business suffers, we all suffer.

As your new Economic Development portfolio Councillor, I am really pleased to see our Council responding with a local business support package and a range of programs that help manage business stress.

If you haven’t accessed the B-Well & Prosper program, I encourage you to do so now.  In an Australian-first, Council partnered with industry leaders from across the region to ensure that our small business owners and their staff have access to a range of tips and tricks to manage business stress.

B-Well & Prosper is an online space to discover wellbeing tools, resources, programs and information to support for any Sunshine Coast small business owners and importantly the program is there for your employees as well.

I know it is hard to make the time for self-care when you are thinking about your business, your family, your staff and all the bills and deadlines but we can’t help others to the best of our ability if we don’t put on our own oxygen mask first.

Helping small business thrive on the Sunshine Coast is one of my top priorities and I look forward to hearing from many of you and talking to the chambers and industry groups to ensure that Council assists wherever we can.

For now, please take a look at the top 10 COVID-19 business survival tips included in this publication and then jump onto to explore the many COVID-19 resources as well as many other fact sheets, interviews with other local businesses, workshops, podcasts if you want to listen while working on the workshop or factory floor. There’s a manager toolkit to help you look after your employees and also ways to connect with other support.

Working together we can ensure we all stay safe, and B-Well as we move towards our economic recovery.

Regards, Terry

Cr Terry Landsberg, Economy Portfolio, Sunshine Coast Council