Cr Terry Landsberg Division 2 Caloundra Weekly June 2020
  • Tuesday 23 June 2020

Facilities re-open

It is great to see some of our council venues opening back up, including our customer service centres, the Caloundra Gallery, Caloundra Library, our sporting facilities including Caloundra Indoor Stadium, King’s Beach Pool, our great holiday parks, including Dicky Beach, and many others. Caloundra Aquatic Centre is also now open for you to enjoy and hopefully you will notice the warm water temperatures after we updated the heat pumps among other improvements for your enjoyment. I would like to thank the staff who are working to ensure your health and safety at these venues and please remember to keep social distancing and washing hands to keep our whole community safe.

Ferris wheel returns

I am very excited to see the giant ferris wheel being erected again on our foreshore and I look forward to being able to see our beautiful region from 35 metres up from tomorrow when it opens. It was a huge hit last year and I hope you all enjoy it again this year. It will be the perfect outing for the school holidays and we have plenty of time to enjoy it right through to 16 August.

Turtles among us

As a keen surfer, I love our beaches and ocean and I am so glad that Division 2 beaches are home to some quite amazing Loggerhead turtles. Thank you to all the TurtleCare volunteers who helped out this season on Shelly, Moffat and Dicky beaches. Can you believe there were 19 nests found here containing 2194 eggs and of those, 1777 hatchlings reached the ocean. An amazing part of our local ecosystem that I am proud we work hard to protect.

Greatness in our community

We all know some truly amazing people in our region, but so often we forget to tell them how much we appreciate them and what they do. Make sure this year, you get nominations in before November for Australia Day Awards for those great people who deserve recognition around you.

Expand your Horizons

Horizon Festival this year is a little different, but hopefully you have been able to catch some of the great outdoor and online events. Make sure you check in on 1 July to find out the program schedule for next month and celebrate some of our talented local artists and venues.

Enjoy your day! Regards, Terry

Cr Terry Landsberg, Division 2, Sunshine Coast Council