Cr Hungerford Buderim Chronicle column 10062020
  • Tuesday 04 August 2020

Copping a fine for illegal parking or having your dog off leash where it shouldn’t be isn’t a pleasurable experience but regulating these areas on the Sunshine Coast is important to ensure safety in our community and to help businesses function optimally.

Since the end of March council hasn’t been issuing infringement notices for illegal parking or to dog owners ignoring local leash laws. We decided to take this non-punitive approach to help reduce stress on our community at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately this period of leniency has seen a spike in unsavoury dog incidents and reports of cars parked for too long or in the wrong places.

As of June 15, council officers will recommence issuing infringements to dog owners whose pets are creating a nuisance or a risk to public safety. Parking infringements will also be issued for illegally parked cars from July 1.

So please do the right thing and if you have any concerns of questions, get in contact with council – we’re here to help you.

New loo nearly due!

Have you seen the new toilet block on Lindsay Road just outside the aquatic centre? It’s looking terrific and is due to be finished and open to the public very soon.

COVID success

Congratulations to you for doing your bit to help us through the coronavirus pandemic. While this is the biggest health and economic challenge we’ve faced in more than a century, it could’ve been much worse but for the compliance of our community in adhering to social distancing requirements.

We’re not out of the woods yet but your efforts have certainly helped us get ahead of where we could’ve been. Keep up the great work!