Cr Dwyer - Development Indicators Report
  • Thursday 02 April 2015

Development Indicators Report

In good news for the local construction industry, Council’s latest Development Indicators Report shows substantial growth in the number of development applications being approved in the region.

That’s not to say we are ‘developing at all costs’, but it does mean that confidence has returned to that industry sector.

And most importantly, given a large component of the Caloundra community workforce is employed in construction and trades, it means more local employment for local people – and that means less time away from their families.

The Thin Yellow Line

We can all kid ourselves that we know all the road rules. Or at least we can pretend.

However, at a recent Golden Beach Progress Association meeting I met someone who was at least honest about one road rule, when I was asked what a yellow line on the roadside meant – because there was no signage describing its function.

Of course, it means no parking on that roadside – but it also leads me to wonder how well we all know the road rules, and perhaps what Council can do to promote that knowledge.

The rules are largely created by the State Government, but I would be happy for any resident reading this to send a question, via this newspaper, about any aspect of road signage or marking if they are unsure about it, and I will gladly help with answers!

We can’t be everywhere at once …

Potholes, leaky taps at public amenities, damaged or non-functioning council property, broken playground equipment, graffiti – while Council fixes these problems as soon as it is aware of them, it also relies on the public to bring these and similar issues to its attention in the first place. So if you see something belonging to Council that needs fixed let us know on 5475 7272 or as soon as you can, thanks.

This article first appeared in Caloundra Weekly on April 2