Cr Christian Dickson - Chancellor State College students learn first-hand that plastic is not fantastic
  • Friday 04 September 2020

Chancellor State College students learn first-hand that plastic is not fantastic

Geography students from Chancellor State College put theory into practice recently at a coastal education morning hosted by council. The students collected data for their assignment and saw first-hand the impact of marine debris on our beaches. The students were challenged to come up with ideas to reduce rubbish at the source so it doesn’t end up at the beach and in our oceans in the first place. It’s great that council was able to support the students with some hands-on learning. I encourage other local schools to contact council via to arrange similar practical coastal learning experiences to support classroom learning. Council provides planning, preparation, supervision and materials for a coastal education activity.


Protecting your Sunshine Coast lifestyle and liveability 

We all want our Sunshine Coast to continue to be a beautiful, liveable location as it inevitably grows to more than 518,000 people in the next 20 years, then an efficient and accessible public transport network is critical. Our council has long recognised that to accommodate 518,000 people and enable them to move about efficiently, there is a need for the other tiers of government to focus on, and commit to, a viable and accessible public transport network.

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Online meetings

Did you know all of council’s ordinary and special meetings are now live-streamed? If you can’t tune in while they are underway, visit council’s Youtube channel to watch anytime. Visit for details.