Cr Baberowski - Beerwah State Primary School visit and BeCA meeting
  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

I spent a lovely afternoon at Beerwah State Primary School recently to present a Civics presentation to Grade 6 students which was designed to help them understand the different roles of government. It’s the third year I’ve been invited to make this presentation and it’s always inspiring to see how engaged our future generation of leaders is in understanding the workings of local, state and federal government and in particular the huge and varying responsibilities that their local council provides.

From young future leaders to current community leaders, it was great to see the Bellvista and Bells Reach communities come together in March for the first Bellvista and Bells Reach Community Association (BeCA) public meeting since COVID-19 impacted so many community gatherings.

There was a good turnout at the meeting which is a testament to the committee members who are doing a wonderful job scheduling discussion topics and interesting guest speakers. At the last meeting council officers presented information on the Caloundra Centre Activation Project and there was also an update from the local Caloundra Police Senior Constable.

Going to these meetings and hearing from active residents is great - they often have the best feedback on council services. A recent example of this is was when the BeCA committee members expressed their frustration with not being able to add photos to maintenance requests when using the council app. The feedback was shared with council’s IT team and I’m pleased to say that an update will now allow users to select photos directly from their devices’ photo library. 

If you have ideas or feedback on council services you are always welcome to contact me via phone on 5420 8987 or email