Cr Cox - Community Update Newsletter
  • Thursday 17 May 2018

Community Update Newsletter
My Living in Division 3 Autumn/Winter 2018 edition has hit letterboxes and is also now featured on council’s website. The newsletter aims to provide residents with a snapshot of what’s happening in our community including park upgrades, road improvement projects, etc. I’ve also included a handy list of upcoming local events to add to your calendars. To find out what’s in store for Division 3, go to council’s website and search ‘Councillor Newsletters’. 

Upgrades to Cliff Hargreaves Park
As reported in the above mentioned newsletter, detailed design plans for the upgrade to Cliff Hargreaves Park were expected to begin in late April. However, due to unforeseen issues with the tender, these works have unfortunately been postponed until after the June/July school holidays.

Road Rejuvenation Works
Did you know the sun affects the road surface? Oxidisation caused by the sun weakens the integrity and can cause it to fail or break-up. To combat this, council has been applying a water based bitumen sealing agent on a number of residential streets in Little Mountain, Ivadale Lakes and Creekwood. This treatment is just like applying ‘sunscreen’ and aims to prolong the life of the road surface and is considered best practice in long-term asset management. 

Mobile Office 25 May 2018
Join me at my next Mobile Office at Currimundi Marketplace from 9am to 11am where I will be available to discuss any Council related matters.