Councils seeks more time for Palmview Structure Plan
  • Friday 30 July 2010

Sunshine Coast Council has today asked Queensland’s Minister for Infrastructure and Planning for more time to finalise the Palmview Structure Plan to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place before development starts.

The extra time is needed to finalise the infrastructure agreements between the landowners, the state government, council and the other relevant public sector entities working towards fast-tracking development at Palmview—one of the government’s key greenfield sites for adsorbing population growth on the Coast.

Speaking after meeting with state government today, Mayor Bob Abbot said that more time is needed to ensure council achieves the best outcome for the whole Sunshine Coast community.

“The proposed Palmview Structure Plan bestows significant development entitlements on the landowners in the form of sellable residential lots,” Cr Abbot said.

“Council doesn’t want to hand over these entitlements to the land owners until it can secure agreement on the provision of infrastructure.

“At the moment, the landowners will pay for a large portion of the infrastructure needed at the Palmview site.

“If we don’t reach an agreement before the structure plan is in place, the obligation to fund and provide the infrastructure falls to the state government, council and the other relevant public sector entities — which ultimately means the ratepayers will foot the bill.

“So it’s in the public’s best interest to ask for this time extension.

“Council also has the support of most of the landowners in requesting the additional time.”

Cr Abbot said that nearly all of the submissions on the proposed Palmview Structure Plan indicated that they want infrastructure in place, before or in conjunction with housing development.

“It is in keeping with submitter’s wishes that infrastructure is in place to go with the development,” Cr Abbot said.

“Until council can secure and finalise the infrastructure agreements, it is hesitant to proceed with submitting the structure plan to the state government.”

The time period requested has been no less than 30 days, but will be at the discretion of the Minister.