Council’s position clear on Caloundra Aerodrome
  • Saturday 21 August 2010

Sunshine Coast Council yesterday adopted a formal position on the future of the Caloundra Aerodrome, deciding it will remain in its current location until the Queensland Government commits to providing a fully constructed replacement aerodrome at Johnston Road, in the Glasshouse Mountains.

Mayor Bob Abbot said that council wants to provide the best outcome for the future of the aerodrome’s businesses and the Sunshine Coast community.

“The Johnson Road site is council’s preferred location for the aerodrome—this comes from a strategic planning position but also to give the businesses the opportunity they need to grow,” Cr Abbot said.

“Yesterday council agreed not move the aerodrome—this is the state government’s responsibility.

“We have advised the Queensland Government that council will retain operation of Caloundra Aerodrome in its current location until the state formally commits to moving the aerodrome.

“And that relocation to Johnston Road will be with conditions.”

The conditions are:

  • The replacement aerodrome has to be constructed by December 2014, at Johnston Road as per council’s Statement of Proposals and within the Glasshouse Mountain Protection Zone, and at no cost to council.
  • Council will continue to manage and operate the aerodrome in its new location at Johnson Road.
  • The current Caloundra Aerodrome businesses and lessees need to be relocated at no cost to themselves or council.
  • The existing Caloundra Aerodrome site needs a structure plan developed jointly by the State Government and council. This will ensure outcomes as outlined in the adopted Sunshine Coast Statement of Proposals, the document which is informing the development of the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme, are achieved for the Caloundra Major Regional Activity Centre.

Mayor Bob Abbot said that council has requested the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning to provide a quick response.

“Council’s final condition is for the state to provide a commitment to the conditions within the next three months.

“Until this issue has been finalised council will be unable to move forward with the Caloundra South Structure Plan process.”