Council’s operational plan focuses on delivery of projects for next 12 months
  • Wednesday 30 June 2010

At yesterday’s budget adoption meeting, council endorsed its third operational plan that focuses on key projects and activities for the next twelve months, consistent with council’s Corporate Plan and overall strategic direction.

Corporate Planning and Performance Portfolio Councillor Tim Dwyer said that each year council adopts an operational plan and annual budget that identifies key projects and activities to be delivered during the financial year that contribute towards achieving council’s Corporate Plan 2009-2014.

“The operational plan and annual budget are complementary documents and were developed simultaneously to ensure that key financial decisions and priorities for the financial year are reflected in both documents,” Cr Dwyer said.

“In developing this year’s operational plan and associated budget we have rigorously considered the balance between both community needs and strong financial management of council,” he said.

“It reflects council’s continued commitment to achieving council’s vision of being Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green, diverse."

“Council is committed to investing in priority infrastructure and community projects that have immediate benefits for the community of the Sunshine Coast."

“For example, $100,000 has been committed towards the development of the first Sunshine Coast Community Plan as required by the Local Government Act 2009.”

“This will fund research company Nielsen to undertake some independent market research and analysis of community attitudes in July as part of the development of the Plan.”

“This will be followed up with a community visioning project called Zooming into 2030 where participants will be invited to send council an image and brief message that captures their imagined future for the Sunshine Coast,” Cr Tim Dwyer said.

“Other examples of projects funded from the operational budget include $200,000 for the development of a new suite of local laws for the Sunshine Coast Region and $215,000 towards investment in mobile computing to enable council workers to access and deliver more services in the field.”

“Council is also developing key performance indicators so that accountability, efficiency and quality control of policies, performance and benefits to the community can be measured for reporting against specific themes in council’s Corporate Plan.”

“This will also help ensure that council is outcome focused, not just policy driven.”

Other corporate planning and performance portfolio projects include:

  • Development of an e business strategy and identification of priority services preparing us to deliver improved online and self servicing - - $200,000
  • Exploration of business intelligence capability - $200k - improving the information available to better manage council services
  • Implementation of electronic workflow to streamline key processes - $200k - improving the delivery of council services
  • Opening Councils mapping system to the public - $80k - improve access to essential map and related information for community and developers
  • Under the Sunshine Coast Strategic Disaster Management Plan, contribution towards partnership with state government study for development of a Natural Disaster Risk Assessment Study - $40,000
  • Development of indicators for reporting against Council’s Corporate Plan - $10,000
  • Introduction of an Enterprise Risk Management Framework across Council activities and functions – core budget