Council’s $168 million capital investment in region
  • Thursday 03 July 2008

Infrastructure spending remains a priority for the Sunshine Coast, with Council’s $673 million budget including $212 million for capital works, as well as $17.525 million for key operational projects across the region.

Asset management and works portfolio councillor, Cr Ted Hungerford said that spending on infrastructure for the region comprises $168 million from Council’s capital works program and $44 million of developer contributed assets.

“As our region continues to experience high growth, the demands on our infrastructure are increasing too and it is a tough call to prioritise and allocate funding for the many competing initiatives,” Cr Hungerford said.

“This year, the vital areas of roads, waste management, waterways and coastal infrastructure will receive the bulk of this spending as this is what we consider will deliver the best deal for our community.”

Capital projects funded in the 2008/09 budget include:

Transportation $48.3 million

  • Reseals & rehabilitation $12.5m
  • Road Infrastructure $ 9.7m
  • Strategic pathway network $ 6.6m
  • Bridges $ 5.3m
  • Streetscapes $ 5.0m
  • Gravel roads $ 2.5m

Waste Management $ 8.4 million

  • Resource recovery centres
    – Nambour $ 2.6m
    – Coolum $ 1.9m

Waterway & Coastal Infrastructure $ 4.3m

  • Beach access & foreshores $ 3.5m
  • Rivers & streams $ 0.5m
  • Canals $ 0.3m

Council will also spend $17.525 million on key operational projects.

Major environment spending includes $1.314 million across a range of environment levy funded projects, $805,000 for the Maroochy River Recovery and $346,000 for implementation of the biodiversity strategy.

Community service projects include $1.012 million for Council’s grants program, $335,000 on a community jobs program and $246,000 on heritage projects across the Sunshine Coast.

Economic development spending includes $4.575 million on council land development, $2.618 million on tourism organisations, $476,000 on tourism events as well as $210,000 on the clever networks project.

Planning and strategy development remains a priority in the growing Sunshine Coast region, with $3.978 million to be spent on forward planning, and $945,000 on priority infrastructure planning.