Councillor Christian Dickson - Supporting our Division 6 community
  • Thursday 30 July 2020

Supporting our Division 6 community

Planning for future growth while meeting current community needs is top of the priority list for Division 6 capital works projects, set to be delivered as part of Sunshine Coast Council’s $782 million 2020/21 Budget.

This year the budget focus is on planning for the future and prioritising important services to meet the diverse needs of our growing community. It’s important that we continue to balance the needs and expectations of the entire community and allocate funds appropriately to plan for community projects well into the future – while still delivering the core services today.

Last financial year we completed the $12.2 million fourth and final stage of the Sippy Downs Drive project and this year we have allocated $50,000 to start planning for the delivery of a community centre in Palmview as well as progress planning for a Sippy Downs library and community centre using an allocated $120,000.

Exploring in and around our Division will be a lot safer with $158,000 set aside for cycle lanes on Karawatha Drive and a $1.438 million pedestrian and cyclist bridge at Stringybark Road.

Up to $100,000 worth of upgrades and renewal works will be undertaken at Windmill Park, $35,000 at Brightwater Community Lake Park, $8000 at Frogmouth Park, $5,500 at Edgewater Lakes Park, $1,000 at Albany Lakes Park, $1,000 at Glenfields Neighbourhood Park and $500 at Phoenix Court Park.

With all these projects planned and more over the next 12 months – it certainly is an exciting time to be a resident of Division 6.

Visit council’s website for more information on Sunshine Coast Council’s 2020/21 Budget.