Council urges residents to make every day litter free
  • Wednesday 03 March 2010

Council has committed $15k to the 2010 Clean Up Australia Day effort, Sunday 7 March, and is encouraging Coast residents to make every day a litter free day.

The message for this year’s clean up is just one piece of rubbish can make a difference and whether it’s bottles, bags or butts, every piece counts.

Environment Portfolio holder councillor Keryn Jones said cigarette butts are one of the most common litter items collected on Clean Up Australia Day.

“About 24 billion cigarettes are sold in Australia each year and it is estimated that 7 billion of these are littered,” Cr Jones said.

“Throwing cigarette butts into the environment costs council significant dollars each year. Most cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, a plastic which is extremely slow to degrade.

“The butts can cause serious digestive problems and even death for our marine life as well as leaching chemicals such as cadmium and lead into water within just one hour of contact.

“Council fully supports Clean Up Australia Day, but is urging residents and visitors to focus on their littering habits rather than relying on the combined effort of dedicated individuals who clean up each year,” Cr Jones said

To join a clean up site or to register a new location, head to

Council supports Clean Up Australia Day and provides funding, extra gloves, bags and safety equipment as well as coordinating the collection of both waste and recyclables across the region.

Clean up Australia Day is Australia’s largest community based environmental event. Last year approximately 630,000 people volunteered to clean up their local parks, waterways, beaches, bushland and suburbs. They removed an amazing 8,200 tonnes of rubbish. If each and every Australian picks up JUST 1 piece of rubbish that would be over 20 million pieces of rubbish picked up.

Be JUST 1 and register for Clean Up Australia Day 2010 on Sunday, 7 March 2010 on or call 1800 282 329!