Council supports green initiatives
  • Thursday 03 July 2008

In adopting its first budget today, Council confirmed its commitment to working toward environmental sustainability for the Sunshine Coast region.

Environment portfolio councillor, Cr Keryn Jones said that Council’s key theme for the year is working with the community on conservation, rehabilitation and ecological sustainability.

“Amalgamation provides opportunities for a consistent approach to environmental policy and wider involvement with our communities.

“The coming year will see the continuance of a range of environmental programs and initiatives that commenced under the former councils, and are strongly supported by this council,” Cr Jones said.

“This includes programs and projects funded by environment levy revenue to the tune of $8.8 million.”

Environment levies for the three former councils remain unchanged for the 2008/09 financial year, giving Council time to review its environment levy policy, in consultation with the community.


  • Noosa Biosphere Reserve
    The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Management Plan will focus on delivering locally relevant integrated community based sustainable development projects. Council will work in earnest with the local community to ensure that the Noosa Biosphere Reserve consolidates its role as a living, learning laboratory for ESD.
  • ecobiz
    Council will roll out the ecobiz program across the Coast. The project is an initiative involving the local business community in a process to adopt and innovate their own environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Promoting Sustainability
    Working with a range of stakeholders, Council’s sustainability programs aim to create a more resilient and responsible region that is able to mitigate and adapt to the impending effects of climate change and peak oil. Community engagement continues to be a key focus in 2008/09, with Council acting as a catalyst for groups and individuals taking positive action towards sustainability in water, energy, waste, transport and local food systems.
  • Improving our Waterways
    The Maroochy River Recovery Program enters phase two, targeting the health of the upper reaches of the estuary through to the river mouth. Water quality monitoring has highlighted that this stretch of the river requires attention and Council will continue to provide grants to community groups and work with local landholders to revegetate key stretches of the river bank.
  • The Pumicestone Passage Advisory Task Force (PPATF)
    The Pumicestone Passage Advisory Task Force, established in 2006 by the Caloundra City Council, is continuing its important work under the auspices of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The task force’s aim is to identify and prioritise issues impacting on the Pumicestone Passage between Bells Creek and the Caloundra bar.
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment and Action Plan
    The Sunshine Coast Council accepted the offer of a grant for the Climate Change Risk Assessment and Action Plan as part of the Local Adaptation Pathways Program. The grant enables Council to conduct a risk assessment process and develop an adaptation action plan dealing with climate change impacts on council operations and responsibilities.