Council seeks breakthrough for Bribie risk
  • Friday 15 November 2013

Sunshine Coast Council will seek a collaborative approach with the State Government for joint protection works for Bribie Island and Golden Beach.

Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said a partnership with the State Government is crucial to achieving the best possible outcome for the Golden Beach community for the longer term.

“The State Government notified council earlier this year that erosion on the eastern side of the northern Bribie Island spit had reached a critical stage and multiple breakthrough points could result from a severe weather event,” he said.

“It was recommended that council consider protection works for the Golden Beach foreshore given the increased risk of tidal and storm surge inundation.

“Council has invested more than $1million over the past four years on beach renourishment, groyne rehab and rock / seawall rehab in the Golden Beach area.

“Currently council has programed $1.8million in capital and operational coastal protection works for the Golden Beach foreshore over the next five years.

Council will write to the Queensland Premier outlining the importance of a unified approach and seek a Memorandum of Understanding in progressing joint protection works on Bribie Island and Golden Beach.