Council revs up scooter use across the Coast
  • Thursday 16 September 2010

A brochure promoting the motor scooter as a fun and sustainable way to get around the Coast is now available on council’s website as part of council’s TravelSmart program.

The brochure hails the economic benefits of travelling by motor scooter and provides information on safety, engine size and licence requirements.

Integrated Transport Portfolio holder Councillor Vivien Griffin said the educational brochure has been produced as a key action in the Scooter and Motorcycle Strategy.

"The brochure is a handy resource for anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a scooter," Cr Griffin said.

"This is part of Council’s commitment to a sustainable future. Motor scooters are a very popular form of transportation throughout the world and promoting the benefits of Scooter use on the Sunshine Coast is an exciting initiative.

"Scooters have significant environmental advantages over cars through reduced CO2 emissions and consume very little fuel.

"They also offer an affordable and flexible personal transport for journeys which are beyond those taken by other sustainable modes such as walking or cycling."

Avid scooter supporter Cr Lew Brennan said he is pleased to see council encouraging such an enjoyable and stylish form of transport.

"They are a great alternative to private motor vehicles and I am happy to support this educational venture which will benefit the environment and the lifestyle of the people of the Sunshine Coast."

The Scooter brochure has been distributed through council offices, community centres, libraries and local retail outlets.

For extra copies of the brochure please contact TravelSmart Sunshine Coast on ph: 5449 5200 or email: