Council prepares for any potential changes on the Coast
  • Thursday 08 December 2011

The Sunshine Coast Council has publicly made available a brief that it has prepared to seek advice regarding the potential costs of the separation of the Noosa area from the current Sunshine Coast local government area.

The possibility of de-amalgamations on the Sunshine Coast has been raised by the State Opposition, with a key part of the consideration being the costs of the de-amalgamation process.

Now that the State Opposition has made clear its position, Council has sought the services of independent, external provider to prepare an estimate of the costs of de-amalgamation.

Work has commenced to prepare information that will be presented in a report to Council in the first quarter of 2012.

Given that comments have been made regarding the future shape of the region, Council has a responsibility to prepare itself and the region for any potential changes that may impact on the Sunshine Coast.

Council’s focus is on being prepared in advance with information that can be added to communications and debate in the community in the event of a future State Government exploring a de-amalgamation option.

The brief can be viewed on council's website