Council introduces Chip the worm, a business environmental initiative at the PGA
  • Thursday 26 November 2009

Sunshine Coast Council with PGA corporate sponsor partners today introduced ‘Chip’ the worm who represents a joint initiative that invites all patrons of the PGA golf championship at the Hyatt Regency Coolum to recycle their entry tickets.

Sunshine Coast Council Investment and Marketing Manager Alex Lever-Shaw said the idea came from PGA corporate sponsor partners wanting to explore and introduce ways of doing business whilst also caring about the environment within their corporation’s operations.

“This joint initiative is but a small example of how something as simple as re-cycling the PGA tickets, by collecting and feeding them to the re-cycling worms resident at the Hyatt Regency Coolum, can help our environment while making good business sense”, Mr Lever-Shaw said.

Economic development and entrepreneurship portfolio chair Councillor Lew Brennan said that Chip the worm, demonstrates how our corporate partnerships with multi national companies are prepared to take the Sunshine Coast vision nationally and internationally.

“This is an example of corporate Australia recognising that the Sunshine Coast is committed towards a sustainable future,” Councillor Brennan said.

“And that message has resonance with many in the corporate sector who also hold strong values in doing business in a more sustainable manner,” he said.

Environment Portfolio chair Councillor Keryn Jones said ‘Chip’ the worm is a great initiative for the environment as it recycles some anticipated 50 thousand plus tickets from PGA patrons.

“This is just another way this region demonstrates it’s on its way to become Australia’s most sustainable region – vibrant, green, diverse,” Councillor Jones said.

“I also thank all the PGA corporate sponsor partners in supporting us in this initiative,” she said.

Hyatt Regency Coolum general manager Maurice Holland said that on behalf of the businesses represented in this imitative, we support council in its vision to become Australia's most sustainable region.

“As corporate partners of council, both through the PGA and outside this particular relationship, we look forward to leveraging off each other's key strengths in doing business and continuing our efforts individually and jointly to all become greener,” Mr Holland said.